Maryland Legislature Adjourns Giving Tourism Board a Big Win

The Maryland General Assembly closed Sine Die last night, but not before voting to fully fund the Maryland Tourism Development Board’s marketing and promotion budget at $6M.  After much wrangling and discussion, this is a tremendous win for Maryland’s tourism industry…virtually no other budget item remained in tact.  Thank you to all the Maryland General Assembly for understanding how important tourism is to Maryland’s economy and thank you to all the members of the industry who worked so hard making the phone calls and emailing their legislators.  You really did make this happen.


2 responses to “Maryland Legislature Adjourns Giving Tourism Board a Big Win

  1. Congratulations MTC staff and Legislative Committee! We all know how much work this took to accomplish. Just another reason why we value our membership in MTC, which is the only state-wide organization that truly connects and represents all the segments of the Maryland tourism and travel industry.
    We raise our glasses to all of you…
    The Souza Agency

  2. Great! Now more tourists will come to DC and I will catch them… or maybe they’ll just visit my site.

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