The Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA) has agreed in principle to a new toll increase proposal that will result in smaller increases than those proposed earlier this year. The MdTA action is consistent with recommendations made at public hearings on this issue by MTC Chair Sandy Turner and MTC President/CEO David Reel. Unlike many of the public comments made at the hearings in opposition to any increases, Sandy and David testified that MTC agreed that some increases were necessary but the original proposed increase amounts were simply too much. The revised proposal would raise eastbound tolls on the Bay Bridge and westbound tolls on the 301 Bridge in Southern Maryland to $4 this year and $6 in 2013. The proposal also includes reduced toll increases for recreational trailers and small freight vehicles. Tolls on the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and Fort McHenry Tunnel will go from $2 to $4 by July 2013. Non commuter tolls on the Hatem Bridge will be equal to those on the Kennedy Highway largely to discourage a diversion of long-distance traffic from Interstate 95. The Intercounty Connector in Montgomery and Prince George’s County will not see any toll increases. Final action by the MdTA Board of Directors is set for Thursday September 22. Their decision is not subject to review or further modification by the General Assembly or the Governor.



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