Tourism Creates JOBS

Greetings from the Maryland Tourism Council.  We are the trade association that in conjunction with the Maryland Office of Tourism Development, sponsors the Maryland Tourism and Travel Summit.  This year the conference and trade show will be held at the state of the art, UMUC Conference Center in Hyattsville, MD.  There are many reasons that you should attend this conference.  We’ve sent a “save the date” via mail, numerous announcements via email, postings on web sites and in social media.  But we all need to focus on the one thing that means more than all the rest.  The one thing we should always be thankful for, but often overlook.  The one thing we don’t talk about enough that businesses all over Maryland have in common, that taxpayers should care about and students should learn about.

Tourism creates jobs.
One more time.
Tourism creates jobs.

For every 233 visits to Maryland, a new job is created.
Tourism is responsible for one of every 14 jobs in Maryland.
Tourism is directly responsible for more than 134,000 jobs, and indirectly for another 36,000 more.

In a time of economic downturn all over the country, when turmoil is on the rise,  the bright, guiding light of tourism remains steady, even growing.  Won’t you please join us in sustaining the wonderful tourism workforce we have, and participate with us in ways to create more jobs for more Marylanders?

We’ll be happy to show you the ways.


November 2-4, 2011 at Marriott, UMUC

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