Maryland’s Tourism Officials Discuss Go Green Initiatives

Annapolis, MD-As more and more businesses, manufacturers, and individuals are moving toward practices and lifestyles that include making more environmentally friendly decisions, it is important that all companies understand how they can relate to and become a part of a growing greener world. In support of promoting green initiatives on a global scale, the Maryland Tourism Council’s annual Marketing Day, co-hosted by the Maryland Tourism Education Foundation, will focus on how Maryland’s travel and tourism industry can go green.

Members of the Maryland Tourism Council (MTC) from all facets of the state’s tourism industry in addition to those who support and promote travel within the state of Maryland have been invited to attend Marketing Day, March 4th at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland. Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to network with other members of the travel and tourism industry, visit with exhibitors and sponsors, and participate in presentations that will specifically address green initiatives within the tourism and hospitality industry as well as how to implement cost-effective marketing plans.

“Going green” is no longer just for environmental groups and there is a long list of actions that individuals as well as organizations can take to reduce their carbon footprint, make eco-friendly decisions, promote greener habits and lifestyles, and benefit from participating in and contributing to green practices. From simply recycling to using sustainable resources to reducing pollution, going green in business is a proactive response to a changing environment and is appealing to eco-savvy travelers.

Marketing Day includes a presentation called “The Global Green Initiative,” which will be presented by a panel of tourism and ecology experts, moderated by Lynne Forsman, Board member of the Green Meetings Industry Council and founder of Green Drinks Annapolis. Panel participants are Tom Griffin, director and co-founder of Greener Results; Patrick Leary of Hospitality Partners; and Harry Lewis, attorney advisor in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics. The panel will discuss not just how and why to be green, but also what characterizes a product, service, or program as being green and how implementing eco-friendly practices into business can be marketed to the traveling public. They will offer affordable solutions for going green and ways to implement green initiatives.

The event will also include a marketing specific presentation by Andy Dumaine, founder of shrinkingfootprint, a strategic marketing organization dedicated to creating more with less. Dumaine, a 14-year veteran in the travel and tourism industry, will share marketing strategies that can enhance visitor engagement even in tough economic times.

The Maryland Tourism Council and Maryland Tourism Education Foundation are anticipating a successful Marketing Day that will engage travel and tourism experts in greener business practices, provide them with the resources to do so, and create an even greater appeal for Maryland’s many tourist attractions.


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